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(O flowering tree....)

O flowering tree, O flowering tree
      on the freeway's careful side,
            dusted with petroleum and pure
      dirt of heaven,

help me now: I pray your courage
      growing where machines dictate,
            mindless of the hell they saw,
      putting forth flowers,

illumining the earth in its due season.
      Illumine me, I pray you,
            lying here in my motel room,
      naked and alone,

not clothed with the light of heaven like you
      but with four walls growing
            innumerable as the hours deepen
      into my darkness.

Place on me your fourfold emblem,
      seal me with the seal of your love.
            I go forward, no longer awaiting
      the angels of morning,

now I have seen you, now I have seen
      with my own eyes the flowers
            breaking the gradients of doom
      with joyous pleasure.